The amazing women of Sierra Homebirth made my pregnancy and birth a transformative experience.  Prior to this pregnancy I had two hospital births where I felt I was not supported or allowed to be an active participant.  After those experiences I knew I wanted a home birth.  Jessica, Melanya and Cara are all thoughtful and intuitive care providers.  During my pregnancy I was encouraged to be involved in my care and make decisions based on what was right for our family.  My prenatal appointments consisted of not only physical check ups, but also emotional support and care, and I left every appointment feeling renewed.  During my birth, these women supported and cared for me during my long labor.  I never felt rushed or as if my birth had to fit into a cookie cutter mold.  Every decision that had to be made was made by me and my husband after being informed of all of our options.  I truly feel that any other care providers would not have had the trust and connection to support the timeline of my labor and birth.  Because of this support and trust, I was able to birth as I wished and we welcomed our son into the warmth and privacy of our home, surrounded by love.  I cannot thank these women enough for supporting me on this amazing journey and providing me with the opportunity to experience birth as it was meant to be: an empowering journey into motherhood.