Meet your midwives

Jessica Mairs

Ever since I was eighteen years old and happened across a homebirth and water birth website, I understood my clear calling to be a midwife. At that moment of first exposure, it made complete sense to me that being a midwife would be my life's work. At that time, I was enrolled at Humboldt State University and I decided to complete my Bachelor's degree in psychology and French, with an emphasis on women's studies, child development, and human sexuality.

After graduating from Humboldt State in 2002, I enrolled at Birthingway College of Midwifery, a three-year, comprehensive, homebirth midwifery training program. Birthingway is a top quality school accredited by MEAC, the Midwives Education Accreditation Council. My education at Birthingway was didactic, combining lecture and theory with hands-on skill building. I received extensive and comprehensive training covering both normal and complex situations during the childbearing year. In addition, I have had in-depth training in herbal medicine and other alternative therapies.

During my third year as a midwifery student, I gave birth to my daughter Clara Star at home, in the water, experiencing first-hand the transformative and powerful nature of birth. Since then, I have been refining the art of balancing mothering with midwifing: my two blessed jobs.

After completing my education at Birthingway in 2006, I moved back to California to begin my apprenticeship. The following year, I became pregnant with my second daughter, Emma, and had another sweet, smooth, intense home water birth. This time, I was also attended by my two-year-old daughter, who climbed into the tub just after her sister's birth, as we all soaked together in what was the most moving and glorious moment of my life. There, I experienced a profound wholeness that deeply influences my commitment to offering "family centered" midwifery services.

I have had the opportunity to work with four different midwives, witnessing various practice styles and strengths. I became more active in attending births in 2009, and have attended nearly 300 births. In February 2011, I passed the national certification exam for midwives, and obtained my CPM (certified professional midwife) credential, and my California state license. I am a member of MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America), and am certified in adult, infant, and neonatal resuscitation. In 2011, after eight years of training and education, I opened Sierra Homebirth, fulfilling a life long dream of mine.